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Sexual Offender and Misconduct

Individuals gain insight regarding factors that contributed to their sexual offense or misconduct, learn ways to manage those factors, and develop more prosocial attitudes to reduce their risks of recidivism.



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This is a structured program for individuals who have exhibited  sexually aggressive or abusive behavior. Sexual offenders have many  life problems, not all of which are related to offending. In order  to reduce recidivism risk interventions need to address those  characteristics found to be associated with recidivism, as well as  factors motivating an individual to act in a sexually aggressive  manner. Our program is designed to prevent the reoccurrence of  sexually aggressive behavior by addressing those lifestyle and  intra-personal factors contributing to such behavior.

Following a risk assessment and  psychosexual evaluation members progress through four levels of  treatment which are followed by a one-year aftercare program. Our  program includes a combination of individual, group, and family  therapies. Additionally, individuals who display more extensive  psychological or behavioral problems (e.g., substance abuse, mood  disorder) may require additional adjunctive therapies (e.g.,  drug/alcohol treatment; psychiatric care, etc.). All therapy is  carefully coordinated within the treatment agency and with external  agencies providing case management or oversight.


Separate offender treatment is offered for: 

  • Adult sexual offenders

  • Separate English and Spanish  speaking groups are provided

Sexual Abuse: Services

What is the purpose of  the Program? 

The foremost goal of our program is the protection of the community  and prevention of sexual assault through the responsible and ethical  treatment and management of sexual offenders in the community.

How does the program work?
Sexually aggressive behavior is motivated by a variety of sexual  and non-sexual factors. However, individuals will not commit sexual  crimes unless they are willing to hurt others to obtain their goals, can convince themselves that they are not harming their victim(s), or feel unable to stop themselves. As a result, our program consists of several components designed to target and modify a broad range of  factors found to be associated with sexual aggression including: (a)  distorted views of their victim and behavior (b) pro-offending  attitudes, (c) deviant sexual interests, (d) impulsivity and  lifestyle instability, (e) intimacy and social skill deficits, and (f) beliefs that permit non-consenting sex.

Is there a cost for this program?
Yes.  Group fees are $20

Is the Offender’s probation officer informed of their involvement?
Yes.  Monthly reports are sent to the offender’s probation  officer informing them of their attendance, involvement and progress  in the program. Additionally, any missed appointment or change in  status is immediately reported to their supervising agent.

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Outpatient Group Treatment


​This is a psycho-educational program intended to reduce the risk of sexually inappropriate behavior by alerting participants to the impact of sexual misconduct, and providing them with an opportunity to examine beliefs, values, & judgments influencing their sexual behavior.


  • Adults suspected of sexual misconduct or inappropriate sexual behavior.

  • Adults suspected of sexual harassment in the workplace.​

Sexual Abuse: Services

​How does the program work?

It is a structured program consisting of a sequence of educational, problem solving, and critical thinking exercises designed to provide participants with an opportunity to examine: a) the effects of sexual abuse on victims; 2) beliefs permitting non-consenting sexual contact; c) attitudes tolerant of sexual assault; d) factors associated with sexual contact; e) pro-offending attitudes; f) factors that place men at risk of acting in a sexually inappropriate fashion; and g) heuristics influencing judgments when sexual arousal is present.

Is this the same thing as a sexual offender program?

No. The emphasis of this program is on education and consciousness-raising, but individuals are not held accountable for any particular behavior or allegations.

Are referral sources informed of the participant’s involvement?

Yes.  Monthly reports are sent to the referral source or supervising entity informing them of their attendance, involvement and progress in the program. Additionally, any missed appointment or change in status is immediately reported to their supervising agent.

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